Large windows

Large Windows

Floor to Ceiling Blinds

The large windows of your home bring in gorgeous natural light & landscape views. They also add glare, tremendous heat and an open view in. By choosing the correct window treatments for large windows, you’ll experience…

  • Beautiful Views
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reduced Glare
  • Privacy You Deserve.

Stop suffering in the Florida heat. The right floor to ceiling blinds will make all the difference. Add automated shades for simple control of these hard to reach windows.

Advice on Covering Large Windows

You already know how valuable large windows can be to the overall beauty of your space. Whether they provide beautiful landscape views, exposure to natural light or give an open airy feeling to your home- covering them can be important too. Here’s our chance to provide helpful information about covering large windows so they can function to their truest potential.

Covering Tricky Windows

It seems that tricky windows only reveal themselves at the most inconvenient times-when you go about covering them! Otherwise, they provide an abundance of light and add a custom look to your home. What makes them tricky windows? Their shape, size or location. Because some clients consider their unique style to be the focal point of their home, it’s difficult for them to even consider covering up their beauty. But, we have solutions.

Balanced Light: The Importance of Window Direction

When evaluating your home for comfort, it’s important to consider balanced light. Which direction are the windows in your home facing? East/West? North/South? We know the sun rises in the East and sets in the West–that’s simple. But, how about other directions or a room with a combination of light sources? How can you manage the light exposure in your home to create the perfect atmosphere? Let’s find out.

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