Large Windows

Window Treatments for Large Windows

The large windows of your Fort Myers area home bring in gorgeous natural light & landscape views. They also add glare, tremendous heat and a lack of privacy. By choosing the correct window treatments for large windows, you’ll experience…

  • Beautiful Views
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reduced Glare
  • Privacy You Deserve

Stop suffering in the Florida heat. The right floor to ceiling blinds, shades or drapery will make all the difference. Add automated shades for simple control of these hard-to-reach windows.

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The Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

There’s a reason the phrase “floor to ceiling blinds” is heavily researched. People who have them often love the light and the views. But the glare, the heat, the lack of privacy? Those issues can really ruin the comfort of your home. Is there a way to get control and also enjoy what you love? We think so! Let’s talk details…

Define the Sizes

No matter the size of your windows, if they’re bringing in too much light and heat, you deserve to get control. But, knowing which window covering collections can meet the needs of large windows is an important factor when exploring what’s possible. For that reason, we put together a guide with sizing information. Use this information as a general idea–many window coverings options can be affected by other factors.

The Feature Favorites

It’s not just the window treatments that will create the control and atmosphere you want–it’s really the features that will bring home the design. Once you choose the collection you love, you’ll decide which features are going to provide the solutions you need. Will it be the top down bottom up shades that invite natural light in across the ceiling–lighting the whole room, but keeping out the heat? Or, will you opt for smart blinds that change position at the touch of a button–or simply on a schedule? What about the dual shades feature that allows a view-through, glare-free atmosphere in one position, with the option to drop a room darkening shade into place?

Dealing with Combined Sizes

Like many homeowners, you might be attempting to outfit an open floor plan with window treatments for large windows, small windows and doors. You can choose matching collections in many cases. However, we always recommend that the window coverings match the needs of individual windows and doors. This will better serve the atmosphere, and the design elements can be chosen to coordinate beautifully.