• fort myers garage with screen shade as a door

Exterior Shades by Progressive Screens

Spending time outdoors throughout the year is one thing we all love about living in Florida. If you have an outdoor patio area, you know how nice it can be to enjoy outdoor living. But what about the drawbacks? They can overwhelm you, chasing you back inside your home. With exterior shades, you can enjoy your outdoor space more often.

  • Block intense backyard sunshine
  • Keep bugs away
  • Protect your patio area from the elements
  • Reduce UV ray damage
  • Protection from golf balls

Choose the opacity that fits your lifestyle. Do you need to block out the sun with a more opaque fabric? Or, would you like to simply shield sun and UV rays, while still viewing the landscape? The choice is yours. Add automation for an easy way to get solutions, protecting your patio area from the elements. Exterior shades prevent bugs from flying in and out, protect you from random golf balls, and allow you to spend more time in the outdoors.

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