Palm Beach PolySatin

  • Shutters on floor to ceiling windows with landscape view in Naples Florida

Vinyl Shutters

Palm Beach™ PolySatin™

If you love the dynamic look of white shutters, the Palm Beach Collection of Hunter Douglas shutters is amazing. With the exclusive Polysatin finish, these interior shutters were created to offer a contemporary look, while providing the highest durability.

  • Protection Against Florida’s High Temps
  • Specialty Shapes Available for Custom Windows
  • Customization of Door Handle Cut Outs
  • Motorized Shutters offer Remote Control by Voice and Smart Phone

These vinyl shutters are an investment you’ll enjoy for years to come, guaranteed not to crack, fade or warp. Available in a range of popular whites, they’ll transform your home and your life with motorization capabilities.

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Motorized Shutters offer incredible adjustments. You’ll enjoy the effortless simplicity of louvers adjusting in an instant for the ideal amount of privacy & light control. Activate the louvers to open or close with one tap on the remote or your phone, with scheduled adjustments over the course of the day, or with voice command. With smart home integration, you can enjoy all the benefits of having shutters on your windows, but also have complete control, whether you’re home or not.

Specialty Shapes

The custom shaped windows of your home need custom options for window coverings. The light control and privacy is important for the atmosphere, but you don’t want to lose the stylish details that come with unique windows. Vinyl shutters are a great way to get the best of both worlds. Fit your window’s shape with enhanced details, while also adding the benefits of light control, privacy and energy efficiency.

Door Handle Cut Outs

What’s the most important decision about finding the right window coverings for your doors? Making sure you can still use the knobs and handles correctly, of course! With custom shutters on your patio or french doors, the door handle can feature cut outs to allow the handle or knob to operate–with room for your hand. This intentional design choice is a top consideration–and one of the reasons plantation shutters are a popular choice for these windows.