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Pirouette Shades

Beautiful fabrics combine with sheers for a stunning result with these window shades, exclusive to Hunter Douglas.

  • Transition from light to dark in an instant
  • Fabric vanes fold to open
  • Sheer backing reveals landscape views
  • Wonderful for large windows

The fabric vanes open by folding the fabrics in place to reveal the sheer backing. A lovely view of your landscape is shown, while the natural light enters, softened, for a glowing ambiance.  When closed up, you have the option to block all light with room darkening fabrics. These stunning shades are perfect for any window size–especially large windows when you want to set a gorgeous scene in your home.  

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Exclusive Vanes

With the appeal of roman shades, the exclusive vanes of Pirouette shades lie close to the window. But, that’s not all. They fold in place, seemingly suspended in the air, revealing a sheer backdrop of the landscape. The sheer backing invites softened light into your home, reducing the glare.

Magical Sheers

The sheer backdrop provided by Pirouette shades is available in two varying options. The first is a traditional sheer fabric. This is a soft view, a hazy backdrop of the landscape. The second invites a black sheer fabric for a crisp backdrop. Aptly named Clearview, the sharpened view enhances the scene. Both choices invite diffused light and a glare-free atmosphere.

A Versatile Collection

The many positions of Pirouette Shades are what make them such a sought-after option for window treatments. They can remain closed for privacy and light blocking control–even room darkening with specific fabrics. Or, with suspended vanes, they bring in natural light and gorgeous views. Then, roll them up, stopping along the way to experience partial coverage of the window. Finally, roll them entirely up into the headrail for a full reveal of the window.

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Pirouette® Window Shadings