Living room with top down bottom up featured in Naples FL

Top Down Bottom Up

  • automated roman shades lowered from the top on large window in Fort Myers FL home
    Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Natural Light & Privacy

Daylighting is the concept of natural light entering across your ceiling, illuminating your home, without having to use as much artificial light. This is the effect of top down bottom up shades.

You get an ample amount of lighting, without sacrificing your privacy. You’ll enjoy outside views of treetops and blue skies. Glare is reduced, as the lighting is directed at your ceiling, and the temperature in your home can still be comfortable, as most of your window is covered.

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Top Down Bottom Up Products

If you love the idea of daylighting, but your heart is set on plantation shutters, we have ideas! The split tilt feature for shutters allows you to bring light in through the top portion of the window, while the bottom is closed–for control & comfort.

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