neutral bedroom master arched windows

Specialty Shapes

Arched & Angled Windows

Specialty shaped windows, such as arches and angles, need custom window treatments.

  • Enhances the shape of the window
  • Custom fit to the shape of your window
  • Coordinating style with the rest of your home

Many homeowners hesitate to cover these unique windows, in an effort to preserve the look. Some just don’t know what’s possible. We can help you visualize the look and discover the solutions that will best suit your home. If you’ve got tricky windows or specialty shapes, we’ve got answers for you! Learn More.

Things to Consider with Specialty Shapes

Unique windows set your home apart. You’ll want to strike a balance of maintaining the architectural charm while also customizing the atmosphere. Window treatments will cover the glass of the window without taking away the character.

A few questions to consider about window coverings:

Would you like coverings that adjust, or stay in one position?

Some of the arched and angled window coverings will adjust for custom atmosphere. Others remain in place, allowing consistent light control and privacy. Many homeowners choose based on the location of the window, the size and the amount of light entering.

Which window issues need to be solved for the shapes?

Depending on the size and location of the window, you’ll also make choices based on the solutions you need. Much of this can be determined by the function of the room and how much light enters.

Do you want to cover the entire shape, or leave the top portion open?

A popular choice for coverings arched windows is to cover the majority of the window, leaving the top portion open to show off the curve, while letting light in.

Which style of covering is your favorite?

If you have a favorite style of window treatment, don’t worry if it’s not on the list for customizing specialty shapes. Many of our collections cross design categories with fabrics, allowing you to create a beautifully coordinated home–giving each opening a look that flows within the same shared space.