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Get Energy Saving Window Treatments.

Discover the Energy Efficient Design of Insulated Shades, Drapery & Shutters

The Florida sunshine is intense. Your home needs insulated shades to create an environment where you can be comfortable, without your AC running around the clock. Our award winning energy efficient shades or plantation shutters add layers of fabric or framed wood that keeps the heat from transferring.

  • Keep direct rays out
  • Bring light in while blocking the heat
  • Style your home with contemporary colors & fabrics

You’ll love the benefits you receive from the energy saving innovation of insulated window treatments, and they look beautiful, too! Enjoy the protection and savings you desire now available with our Woven Woods Collection.

More Details about Energy Saving Window Treatments

We live in the Sunshine State, so we know all about how intense the light can be. But, do you need energy efficient window treatments? Let’s take a look at this in more depth…

Moving Air

With the knowledge that homeowners could be facing up to 40% energy loss at the window, there’s a bit of science to understand. While very old windows could be “leaky,” there’s more of a chance that the hot air moving outside, up against the glass of the window, is influencing the cool air of the interior space. Since air is always moving–even if you don’t realize it–those particles have the ability to change the interior temperatures of your home, causing your energy consumption to increase. This is where the energy savings of cellular shades comes into play. The open pockets, inside the cells, trap the air before if can change the interior temperature. This allows you to maintain the temperature of your home without your AC working harder than it needs to.

Blocking Sunshine

Another factor we have to worry about here in Florida is the actual sunshine coming through the windows. Think about the way pets find their way to the light. They are often found asleep, basking in a hot spot. The glass of your windows magnifies the light entering, causing the sunlight to bake areas of your home. You’ll face substantial temperature regulation due to these hot spots. And, this is in addition to the humidity we are facing. By using the right window treatments that can block that sunlight from entering, you alleviate this. Rover might not like it, but you’ll notice the effects immediately.

What If You Want the Heat?

It’s true…sometimes, we want the sunshine to warm up our homes, to feel that warmth. In the winter and spring, the chilly mornings can make us feel like inviting that hot sunlight into our homes. This is one of the perks of window coverings. The adjustable control means that you have the ability to keep the elements out–but only when you want to! It’s important to think about the function of the spaces in question. Do you want to uncover all of your windows to bring in the light and heat? Or, would you rather lower the window shades from the top–maintaining privacy while light enters.

Get Smart

Would you prefer to have smart blinds that simply do the adjustments for you? You’ve not only got control at your fingertips, but you now can have voice controlled adjustments of your window treatments. They can be scheduled to adjust so you’re enjoying the early morning sunshine, but not feeling the effects of the hot afternoon sun. Smart shades can be integrated with your smart home system–being triggered to close due to rising interior temperatures. The sky’s the limit; you can create effortless control and incredible comfort with these innovative features.

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