3 Ways to Make the Newest Design Trends Your Own

Trending style. It’s ever-changing, evolving, and going off into new and different directions. Sometimes it even circles back to find inspiration in bygone eras. Are you wondering what the newest design trends will be in 2017? We have an exclusive look at the recently revealed top two interior design trends for the coming year along with some tips for spicing up your own home’s style with aspects and elements of them.


The Trends

So, what style trends are forecasted to top the charts in 2017? Old Havana and Cove. Now, you might be thinking, “Those are complete opposites! How are two opposing styles expected to be equally popular?” Well, on the surface they do seem at odds, but if you dig into them a bit, you’ll find that they share a number of similar qualities. The newest design trends both center around color, relaxation, storytelling, and nature in their own unique ways. Let’s explore each trend a little more.


Old Havana

Old Havana styling with greenery and handcrafted accents

The first thing you notice about Old Havana styling is its vibrancy. Warm colors and lively patterns abound. Yet, its energy is paired with a laid-back attitude. Pulling from the rich heritage of Cuban tradition and countryside while also speaking to modern times, Old Havana mixes stories of the past and present for a deep and meaningful feel. You’ll see updated vintage pieces, florals and greenery, rustic elements, and handcrafting woven throughout its design.



cove beach style living room

The seaside is at the heart of Cove styling. Its soothing tranquility and organic beauty run through every aspect. Cool hues and flowing curves coupled with raw textures and natural forms pull you into the relaxation of oceanside living. Cove is minimalistic in the sense that each piece is intentional and unadorned. It whispers stories of the sea and puts Mother Nature’s pure beauty on display.


Tip #1: Play With Color

newest design trends colorful accents throughout living room

It’s clear that color is an overriding motif in the newest design trends. That means it’s time to play with color in your own home’s design. From the warm, vibrant tones of Old Havana to the cool, calming palette of Cove, there are so many shades that’ll refresh your style. Start by choosing one or two of your favorite colors to feature in accents around your space. Area rugs, knick knacks, blankets, and pillows are perfect! Once you place them throughout the room, stand back to check the balance, and move things around if you need to. Adding color is sure to reinvigorate the beauty of your home with a look you’ll love in 2017 and beyond.


Tip #2: Globalize and Personalize

eclectic kitchen global and personal infulence in design

The newest design trends are both globally inspired and personally focused. As we continue to grow ever more connected around the world, we see global cultures weave themselves into our designs more and more. At the same time, the importance of the individual also stands out. As you update the styling of your home, consider sprinkling in the rich heritage of places beyond our country’s borders. One way to do that is with prints and patterns. Damasks and medallions will give you a global look without taking over, and their curves and fluidity are completely on-trend. While you embrace worldwide designs, make sure you look for pieces that speak to you and tell your own story as well.


Tip #3: Invite Nature

newest design trends top down shades and florals invite nature Fort Myers 33908

From the vibrant Cuban countryside to the peaceful wildness of the sea, nature is a major part of both of the newest  design trends. So, invite nature into your home for the new year! A vase of fresh flowers or a classic topiary centerpiece are simple ways to start. Add pieces that feature natural materials, like stone and wood, in organic forms, and don’t forget about your windows. Nature sits right outside all around you. Beautifully dressed windows will frame the landscapes and scenery for you to enjoy. Not only that, but they’ll draw in gorgeous natural light that’ll illuminate your spaces and the true beauty of your home. We’d love to help you enrich your styling and the function of your home with the right window coverings. Contact the At Home Blinds & Decor team for a free, in-home consultation today!