Modern Roller Shades: Redesigned for Excellence

As one of the oldest documented types of window coverings, roller shades are classic. Easily recognized as a quick on/off for light control, their name couldn’t say it better. They roll up, they roll down. What they often lacked in style, they made up for in function. Hunter Douglas took a look at these classic shades and thought, “We can do better than that.” Modern Roller Shades are the result of a style revolution with incredible upgrades. Designed to offer your home a beautiful backdrop with features that improve your lifestyle, we are excited to show you modern roller shades. It’s the contemporary redesign of a well-loved shade.


Gorgeous Style Details

This classic shade was in dire need of a style makeover. Sometimes referred to as ‘your grandmother’s shades’ the typical appearance was bland and cheap-looking. The revolutionary redesign that is modern roller shades includes style-studded, on-trend fabrics, designer textures and a wide selection of colors for an upscale look.

Hunter Douglas designer roller shades fabric collection Naples 34119

Modern roller shades are now available with a square cassette, for a top treatment design with contemporary appeal. For those that love the industrial look of an open top, we’ve added sophisticated detail to the brackets and covers that will coordinate with your home’s decor.


That All Important Function

When you think roller shades, you probably think “on/off” function. While important for privacy and light control, modern roller shades have the capability to give you so much more. For one thing, the fabrics come in a range of opacities. That means you choose how much light control and view-through you need for your home. From sheer to blackout, the choice will meet your home and lifestyle needs. What about both?

dual shade system with light filtering and room darkening Fort Myers 33908

Modern roller shades have been redesigned for dual function, meaning you can have the best of both worlds. Two shades that operate independently offer you the chance to welcome in levels of natural light while enjoying your view. The second acts as the blackout shade you need to block direct light. These shades block out a tremendous amount of light with the smallest light gap in the industry. Now that’s function that goes way beyond the classic shade!


Upgrade in Operation

Roller shades have always been depicted as these flapping, out of control window coverings. With this latest redesign, the operation was studied with serious thought into how to improve the experience. “Whisper quiet” is the description of the smooth adjustment of modern roller shades. Spring-loaded engineering means that the adjustment of your shades is a lightweight experience, regardless of size.

custom clutch quiet operation in home office Naples 34119

Along with the improvements in function and movement, modern roller shades are available with child safety features, including PowerView® Automation. Motorized shades adjust from open to closed, and anywhere in between, with the touch of a button. Use the sleek styling of the PowerView Pebble remote, or the Powerview App on your favorite device. The app allows you to set schedules, save favorite scenes and adjust your shades whether you’re at home, or not. It’s revolutionary operation that will change your life!


Modern Roller Shades: Seeing is Believing!

Does it sound like the redesign of this classic shade will fit the contemporary appeal that you’ve been searching for? Modern roller shades can offer your home the amazing benefits of functional shades, with beautiful style that will add upscale design to your home! The design experts from At Home Blinds and Decor are excited to show you all the features and upgrades now available. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.