Metallic Decor: Inspiration for Your Home

Shine, shimmer, gleam, and glimmer…want some for your home? Inviting in metallic decor is a super-simple way to infuse a gorgeous, glamorous, and oh-so-edgy look into your home. Metallic accents are perfect for making a statement without compromising the established comfort and personal styling of your home. So, how do you pull off a beautiful look with metal finishes? And which metals should you use? Our designers have ideas and inspiration that’ll put you on the road to success when designing with metallic decor in your home. Take a look…


Warm Copper

contemporary kitchen with copper island pendants

Copper is quickly becoming one of the trendiest metals around. Its warm and faintly rosy tone brings a sense of softness to its wondrous metallic sheen. Infusing copper into your home decor can be as simple as adding a few copper Moscow Mule mugs, vases, or even pillows throughout your space. Small accents like these easily make a big splash of style, and you can swap them out and change them up whenever you want. If you’re looking for lasting elements, copper faucets and hardware “pop” with incredible beauty, and pendant lights over an island or table are absolutely stunning.


Antique Brass

Can metal be mellow? It sure can, and you don’t have to look any further than brass to achieve subtle charm when adding metallic decor. Antique brass accents are hot ticket items in the design world this year, and it’s no wonder. Their presence in a space sends out whispers of history and nostalgia. They blend beautifully with other elements of decor, and they draw the eye in slowly.

brass decor in timeless bedroom space

There’s just a depth and warmth to brass that truly captivates. You can sprinkle your spaces with small brass figurines, or try loading up a vintage brass tray with favorite jewelry in a bedroom or eclectic items on a dining room table. And, if you’re looking to heighten style and add function, you can’t go wrong with an antique brass side table.


Classic Gold

The beauty of gold is timeless. It’s been used in home design for ages, and it can be anything from traditional and patina to modern sleek and chic. Gold holds the power to make a stand-out statement or to elegantly dress up spaces with hints of glam and sparkle. When choosing metallic decor, one of the best places to use gold is in wall decor.

home office metallic decor on walls

Mirrors and photos framed in gold add visual interest, and a piece of gold metal wall art can really steal the show. Gold is also a great dominant tone for creating a mixed metal look, and, if you don’t love the yellow cast of classic gold, you might just fall head over heels for the warm, flush hue of rose gold.

Metallic Decor for the Perfect Backdrop

You deserve a home that’s brimming with stylish beauty. Have you thought about the possibilities for decorating with metals at the window? Metallic fabrics are stunning on shades and draperies. Their sheen and shimmer establish an atmosphere of impeccable styling that carries throughout the whole look of your home. Then there’s the Modern Precious Metals collection for aluminum blinds.

olive colored automated decor metal blinds in white modern bathroom Vineyards, FL
Modern Precious Metals®

Adding a contemporary twist to traditional aluminum blinds, this collection features a spectacular range of metallic finishes that will instantly fill your home with upscale, glimmering style. Are you interested in all the custom options for metallic decor in your window treatments? Our At Home Blinds & Decor team would love to help. Stop into one of our showrooms to talk with a design specialist and see all we have to offer. Or, invite one of our designers over for a free, in-home consultation. Contact us to get started today!