Energy Efficient Window Treatments: Year-Round Solutions

As November swiftly approaches and the sunlight begins to shift, it’s finally time to get into the Fall mindset. The time to enjoy the cooler weather without the sun’s unforgiving rays during the summer heat. However, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is an issue you find yourself facing annually as the season sets in. It’s inevitable that your source of natural light will soon turn into a thick glare that you simply can’t ignore. So what do you do? Now’s the time to get a hold on your home’s environment. Energy efficient window treatments will keep your home comfortable and energy efficient year round.


Shades for Energy Efficiency

Do you ever wonder why your home feels drafty even with the heat on, or warmer even though you lowered the shades to block the sun? 40% of all heat loss is due to poor insulation around your window. This means that you are WASTING money on heating and cooling by simply having the wrong window treatments. Choosing the right window coverings is crucial for combating this common issue and helps you feel comfortable year-round. If your prefer the layered look, roman shades are the perfect option with its energy efficient design. Honeycomb shades offer cellular insulation while plantation shutters give you that framed in efficiency that you and your wallet will be thankful for!


Customizable Fall Solutions

Hunter Douglas top down bottom up thermal shades Naples 34119

There are countless options for energy efficient window treatments, so why not choose shades that suits your style. Choose from the different fabric designs offered with Roman and Honeycomb shades, or if you have a more traditional vibe, take a look at our various shutter options. Next, functionality is key. If you enjoy autumn’s natural lighting, but don’t want to deal with a glare, then top down bottom up is an option worth considering. Its features allow you to adjust the lighting based on any time of year. The split tilt feature offered with plantation shutters are perfect for both privacy and lighting. Just simply use the louvers to shift directions.


Control The Season

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With the leaves quickly shedding, they no longer provide that extra layer of protection from the sun during the day, and with daylight savings around the corner, it can be quite the hassle adjusting the shades for early nights. Why spend the time altering you shades to squeeze in the last bit of light when you can have Smart Shades? Simply create a schedule using the PowerView app, and you’ll get the customization you need for your energy efficient window treatments throughout the day without having to lift a finger. Sit back, relax, and experience the beauty of customization…and your shades of course.


Where To Start For Energy Efficient Window Treatments

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Need a bit of direction? Don’t worry we’ll, come to you. We’ll help you revamp your style with our energy efficient designs, while you enjoy the benefits of energy efficient window treatments year round. Our team of designers are here to help you select the best blinds, shades, or shutters that fit you and your functional needs. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation!