2017’s Bedroom Trends: Discover Your Favorite

We’re more than halfway through 2017 and we’ve loved seeing all the newest design trends from this year. If your home needs a makeover, start with your bedroom! The bedroom trends from this year offer comfort, style, and luxury. Take a look at some of the top styles.


Simple Design

minimalist bedroom design

Minimalistic design has become popular in the design world and the latest bedroom trends are incorporating this sleek style. Have you ever heard that less is more? In this case, it’s certainly true. Getting rid of unnecessary things in your room will freshen up your whole environment. It can be difficult to relax when there’s so much on your mind, and waking up in a cluttered environment won’t help with your relaxation. A clean, minimalistic design will give you a peaceful space to refresh.


Wooden Accents

contemporary style bedroom with wooden plank wall

Adding accents and pops of color will always be “in” with bedroom trends. But, 2017 has taken accenting to a new level. This year, we’ve seen a chic, farmhouse style come to life with wooden elements. Whether it’s a unique piece of furniture, a photo frame, or a simple center piece, wood has become a top accent. You can go big or small with wood; add a delicate touch or a shiplap accent wall. The modern design, which features distressed wooden planks, will make for the perfect bedroom backdrop.


Show Off Your Style with Wallpaper

contemporary bedroom trends feature metallic wallpaper

The latest bedroom trends are all about comfort and style, and with this trend, you can let your personality shine through your decor. Wallpaper is back and better than ever. Cover your whole bedroom with your favorite design, or add an eye-catching accent wall. From the latest designs, like damask, metallics, and florals, you’ll find a wallpaper that speaks to your style and personality.


Incorporate Greenery

tropical bedroom with greenery

 As Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery has made its way into the top bedroom trends of 2017. There are so many ways to incorporate greenery into your space. Pick your favorite shade of green and find a pretty accent piece to spice up your design. You can even bring in real greenery for a fresh, revitalizing touch. You’ll cleanse the air in your bedroom and add a gorgeous pop of color. With green, a little goes a long way!


Bring in Dimension with Layers

Hunter Douglas Parkland Blinds bedroom trends layered with drapery Fort Myers 33908

The latest bedroom trends are bringing in designer style and incredible sleep solutions. Layering is the perfect option for creating a comfy and convenient bedroom. When it comes to layering, focus on your windows. Add dimension to your design with the waterfall look of roman shades, or explore our newest collection: Designer Banded Shades. Drapery panels will add even more style, and not to mention the incredible light and privacy control. Layer your design with elements you love, like cozy custom bedding, fluffy blankets, and throw pillows.


Bring Home 2017’s Bedroom Trends

Comfy, convenient, and incredibly stylish, the bedroom trends from 2017 have brought so much to home design. Whether you’re looking to create luxurious layers, need blackout solutions for a better night’s sleep, or just want design tips, our team would love to help! Come visit one of our showrooms or contact us at At Home Blinds today.