Control Your Smart Shades with Apple HomeKit

Imagine if your home knew exactly what you needed when you needed it without you lifting a finger? Sounds like a dream come true! Well now, it’s a reality with Apple HomeKit. Our beloved assistance, Siri, now has the ability to create your ideal environment with a simple voice command! Just open the Apple HomeKit app–already installed on your phone–to get started creating your own smart home!


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Apple HomeKit Breakdown

The Apple HomeKit is the “home” for all smart home integration and digital services. From operating your thermostat, to managing your security system, Apple HomeKit makes accessing and controlling your home appliances completely effortless. That now extends to automated window shades! You’ll be able to add accessories to your Apple HomeKit in a single scan. Stay tuned to see how!


Why Automated Shades?

Automated window shades don’t seem like a necessity at first encounter, but why not make your everyday life as easy and convenient as possible? Comfortable lighting, shades that adjust to your home’s temp, room darkening and privacy for a peaceful slumber…those are just a few benefits you’ll experience with your Apple HomeKit.

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You have enough to worry about it in this day and age, so having your home appliances work for you seems like the ultimate win! Plus, your next vacation will be totally stress-free with easy access to your smart home on the go!


Let’s Get Started

Simply find the app on your phone and a “Welcome Home” screen will appear. Tap “Get Started,” and you’re seconds away from customizing your smart home!

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How do automated shades fit in? Get a list of compatible products by visiting Apple Home online, and integrate your Hunter Douglas smart shades with your Apple HomeKit.

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Either setup up your smarts shades by selecting windows on the list of icons and instructions provided by Hunter Douglas, or wait for an installer to guide you through the steps of setting up your Apple Home on installation day!


Make Your Life Convenient With Smart Shades

You can finally control your environment without even thinking about it! Hunter Douglas automated blinds and shades add a new level of convenience to your life that’s seamless with your daily tasks. Embrace the beauty of smart home technology–not only with Apple HomeKit–but other smart home integration systems as well!

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Our designers at At Home Blinds and Decor would love to help educate you on the benefits of smart home technology and create a comfortable environment for you and your family. Just schedule a FREE consultation today or come by and visit our showroom!