The Rechargeable Battery Wand Has Arrived! 

You’ve heard the saying, good things come in small packages. This is especially true for the rechargeable battery wand exclusively for your motorized shades! Already have motorized shades? The new wands will work with your existing shades–not to worry! Let’s talk about the details!

What’s Not to Love?

Three of our favorite things are savings, well-designed spaces, and sustainable living. 

modern style rechargeable battery wand fort myers

If you already have motorized shades, you know you have to change the batteries. With the rechargeable battery wand, there’s no throwing out old batteries just to replace them with new ones. No running to the store. All that’s needed is a simple charge about once a year.

The Details

We know you probably have a lot of questions–let’s give you some answers…

  • The wand can be hidden, satellite & mounted.
  • Charging takes 2-3 hours.
  • For existing shades, the wand plugs into the battery port you already have.
  • The size of the wand is 13 x 1.25 x 1 inches.
  • You can make approximately 500 adjustments with one charge.
  • Window treatments should not need to be removed.
window charger rechargeable battery wand fort myers
The new battery can be hidden–mounted behind the headrail, out of sight.

Rechargeable Battery Wand Options

You must decide where you want to put the wand and how to charge it.

Mounted vs Satellite: 

Would you prefer to have the rechargeable battery wand mounted on the back of the headrail or as a satellite wand? The satellite wand connects to the shade and therefore can be mounted directly behind the headrail or by the shade in a different location.

rechargeable battery wand fort myers


The Charging Station: 

You have two options as to what kind of charging station you would like, double or single. The double can recharge two battery wands in approximately 3 hours, as the single charge takes 2 hours for each battery. This is a personal decision and is mostly based around your home and how many rechargeable batteries you have.

closed blinds rechargeable battery wand fort myers


How To Charge:

As mentioned above, your motorized shades do not have to be removed to recharge the battery wand–thankfully! The wand can just be removed and plugged into the station to charge. If the charging station’s cord will allow for it to happen, there can even be places that the wand can be charged in place.

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