Designing With Minimalism

Are you tired of chaos and clutter in your life? In desperate need of a life reboot? Minimalism might be the answer. The technique was introduced to us in Marie Kondo’s Netflix series “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” The show gave us a tangible approach to a minimalist lifestyle, and we simply can’t get enough! So, stay tuned for a method that could transform your life…


Minimalism Unveiled

Hutomo Abrianto

What is minimalism? Minimalism is a style or technique characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity. Those words–simplicity, spareness–are terms that should relieve a little of your anxiety just by reading them. Why deal with clutter in your home when it’s a space intended for comfort and relaxation? The act of ridding yourself of unnecessary clutter is liberating. Why not set yourself on a path to a simpler life?


Where Do Window Treatments Tie In?

pirouette shades minimalism home design Hunter Douglas Fort Myers 33908

That’s a question many of you are probably asking. Have you noticed the disorder and chaos that ancient window treatments add to a space? Tangled cords, bulky drapes, broken slats are issues that you don’t have to deal with. The latest innovations in window treatments have eliminated functionality issues and provide a sleek design with a simplistic operation.


Lighting Affects More Than You Know

Now that you have the tools to create your ideal minimalistic atmosphere, you mustn’t forget the most important factor: lighting. How is light affecting your life? Awful light control can overpower your efforts toward minimalistic design. As a result, it will end up hindering your productivity. You’ll defeat the whole purpose of organizing your environment. See for yourself!

minimalism living room design floor to ceiling windows before window treatments Fort Myers 33908

This simple design embodies minimalism with its sleek furniture and open space. However, you can’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of sunlight pouring in. There’s no need to compromise comfort in your own home–no matter how excited you are about the design.


Light Control Solutions

minimalism in home design living room with silhouette shades Hunter Douglas Fort Myers 33908

Fabulous! A complete transformation. Not only do these shadings complete the home design, they also soften the mood for more productive days ahead. All that work you’ve done toward minimalism has paid off!

Designing the best atmosphere for your life begins with ridding yourself of toxic, unnecessary clutter. Your window treatments are the perfect place to start. Our team of designers is here to help you combat the Florida sunshine! The right window coverings can customize your home and your lifestyle. Contact us at At Home Blinds & Decor today for a free consultation.