How To Achieve Hygge in 3 Steps

You’ve probably heard the term hygge here and there. The term, and all that it stands for, has recently received a lot of attention in the design community. Hygge (pronounced hyoo-gah) is a Danish concept that embodies being content and cozy in one’s environment. By simply acknowledging the minor details of our lives, such as taking the time to read a novel, you can achieve hygge. Sure, it sounds much easier than it is. Finding time for yourself in our fast-paced society? It is rather difficult. But, we can help. Here’s how to achieve hygge in 3 steps… 


Step 1: Solitude

cozy relaxing space for time to yourself with soft roman shades Hunter Douglas Naples 34119

Creating a space for mental peace is something we often neglect. However, the Danish consider taking a few minutes of solitude a defining feature of cultural identity. How do they do it? There’s a simple rule that can help. Each day when you come home from your daily tasks, take 30 minutes to enjoy your own company. Ditch the technology, curl up with your favorite fuzzy blanket, and enjoy the peace.


Step 2: Time For Your Loved Ones

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Hygge reminds us that it’s time to take action. When was the last time you ran into someone and actually meant it when you said, “Let’s get together!”? Did you follow through with those plans? Surrounding yourself with the people you love is proven to boost your mood. Don’t allow work and traveling to get in the way of sticking to those plans and getting together with friends that make you happy.


Step 3: Cozy Up Your Environment

cozy living room with top down bottom up dual shades Hunter Douglas Naples 34119

Now, let’s get to the fun part! It only make sense to create a cozy environment to compliment your hygge mindset. How do you define cozy? My ideal space consists of a warm fuzzy blankets, plush slippers, and a hot cup of chai tea. Create a list of a few things that make you feel the most cozy and combine those element to increase your hygge.


We’d Love To Help You Find Your Hygge

Taking time for peace, hanging out with friends and family, and designing a cozy atmosphere are all ways in which you can bring hygge into your life. The At Home Blinds & Decor design experts would love to help you create your ideal cozy environment with the perfect window coverings in your Fort Myers area home. Contact our team today for a complimentary consultation!