Your Home Deserves the Best Roman Shades

There are few window treatments that represent timeless style and sophistication. But, at the top of our list is roman shades, sometimes referred to as roman blinds. This is a product constantly evolving with new innovations and design. That’s exactly what Hunter Douglas romans are crafted to do. What are the best roman shades for your home and lifestyle? Well, we can’t wait to show you…


Interior designers often give advice to add texture when decorating. It’s a great way to add visual interest, and easy to do. Some of the best roman shades are made from woven fabrics–an ideal texture to bring into your home. These fabrics consist of organic materials found in nature, and will be a perfect way to add timeless style. Nature is always appealing!

motorized bamboo shades in a sitting room on a three section window
Provenance® Woven Woods

When opened up to bring in light, they commonly gather in folds to give a signature look. But when lowered, the folds flatten out.

Woven shades on large windows in vacation home overlooking the outdoors
Woven Textures® Roman Shades

Modernized Romans

A traditional roman shade has fabric folded in a stack at the window’s top. Once the shades are closed, fabrics cascade down the windows, leaving shaped folds of fabric. One of our Hunter Douglas collections of romans were designed with modern style in mind. So much so that they even put it in the name. Vignette Modern Roman Shades offer the same traditional feel, but with a more contemporary, uniform twist.

Vignette modern roman shades in living room
Vignette® Modern Roman Shade Collection

Rolling Roman Shades should be on your radar as you search for the best roman shades for your home. They are part of the Vignette Modern Roman Shades collection with a rolling operation, but showcasing a roman style. The bottom profile doesn’t stack as they rise. The rolled up material is stored in the headrail, out of sight.

olive color window shades floor to ceiling with view through to the outdoor patio
Vignette® Modern Roman Shade Collection

To achieve a more sleek look, the front design of Vignettes can have what is called a “knife pleat.” This is best added with battens and creates visual interest, while maintaining a low profile similar to roller shades. Although these two versions seem similar from a distance, their details may help pick your aesthetic preference.

primary bedroom with modern accents and very large window shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shade Collection


Traditional Style

Like mentioned above, romans have a timeless look of beauty and function. Traditional romans feature specialty fabrics which come in solids, prints, and patterns. These coordinate with your space’s interior style. There are a number of fold styles for these fabric romans. If fabric romans are what you like the best, you’ll make a selection of the folds in addition to the fabric.

custom roman shades by hunter douglas
Custom Roman Shades


brown patterned roman shades for home office
Custom Roman Shades


Did You Decide on the Best Roman Shades For You?

Our At Home Blinds & Decor professionals want to help you find the perfect shades. We will listen to your preferences, style, and vision to make sure your design dreams come to life. Maybe you know exactly what you would like, or maybe you need a little help? We offer free in home design consultations to discuss this exciting process. Contact us today to find out what the best window coverings could be for your home.