Annoucing Color of the Year 2024!

It’s here! The newest color has been introduced…Peach Fuzz is the Pantone Color Institute’s choice for Color of the Year 2024. We always love seeing what’s new in design, and the top colors are the perfect way to freshen the look of your home. What’s on the horizon for Peach Fuzz in home design? Let’s just say that peach inspires softness and a gentle nature. And while everyone might not love the idea of bringing this *exact* shade into their homes, our inspiration will show you how Peach Fuzz is influencing color in decor…


Contemporary Cabinetry

The color peach brings softness to a bold look. Colorful cabinetry can risk overwhelming the space. By framing the limited look in the space, and adding the softness of a stone backsplash, the space is balanced.

peach cabinetry in a modern kitchen


Luxury Lighting

The color of the year 2024 adds chic design no matter the elements. This dining room is modernized with rose gold pendants, a personalized choice that enhances the look. The pastels seen here pair nicely with the black patterning of the fabrics for a whimsical touch.

rose colored copper pendants

Fabulous Wall Statements

Peach Fuzz inspires the use of a range of colors, along a spectrum. This ombre wall feature is the ideal way to make a statement–no matter the room. It allows the other design elements in the room to stand out, or go subtle. The bold choice of deep golden mustard is a grounding color in this space.

peach and white ombre wallpaper


Colorful Color Pairings

When traditional colors pair, they’re always a hit. But, when those same pairings evolve, it changes everything. This play on the classic “red, black and white” pairing softens the look with lively results.

black and white subway tile in a shower with peach colored walls


What to Do about the Windows…

Many homeowners love the idea of adding subtle color at the windows, and we think that the color of the year 2024 is perfect! Peach invites softness while pairing beautifully with neutrals. It’s both peaceful and fashion-forward.

top down cellular shades in the color of the year 2024
Applause® Honeycomb Shades



How Do You Feel about Color of the Year 2024?

We always love to see what’s trending in the world or color. Peach Fuzz has come onto the scene–giving everyone something to talk about! Whether you love this new shade, or are thinking about another color, we’d love to help you complete the design of your home with window coverings. Get in touch with our At Home Blinds & Decor team for your FREE consultation.